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Being a mobile boutique means furry clients are tended to in a quiet, stress-free environment where un-interrupted time is focused on making your dog or cat look their best.

No need to worry about pets being caged or waiting around -- just door to door service with my full attention and care.

In addition to spa music,
aromatherapy, and nourishing shampoos/conditioners, I also use the latest in grooming tools and clean the van after each visit. 
See Inside!

Spa Awaits!

What to Expect

Safety, quality, and a positive experience for pet and pawrent are my top priorities, hence Pawsitively Elegant. Here are a few details you will want to know:

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

First appointments start at 7 AM.

The last appointment of the day is scheduled at 2:30 PM.

Scheduling Appointments

The best way to schedule your first appointment is clicking on the "Make Your Appt." button and fill out the pet profile. When you submit the form, I will contact you to schedule a date and time. 

Future appointments will be possible through an online reservation system, which you will have access to as a client.

About Your 1st Appointment

Please plan to spend a couple minutes with me at the start of our first appointment to review preferences, needs and style. After you leave, I will let your pet explore the van and then begin the appointment. My goal is to have you happy and your pet looking forward to coming back again! 

To make your appointment:

  • Click on any of the "Make An Appointment" buttons and fill out the pet profile form (via a MoeGo form).

  • I will receive a notification once you submit and reach out to schedule your initial appointment.

  • Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation via email or text. PLEASE NOTE: The email confirmation will highlight my arrival time, which represents a 30-minute window before or after our scheduled appointment time... when you can expect to see my van arriving. 

Ensuring a Successful Appointment

  • The van has been outfitted for cats & dogs (up to 35 pounds).

  • Proof of updated rabies is required.

    • Records must show an expiration date (tags will not work to show your pet is vaccinated).

    • I also accept vet waivers if a medical exemption is necessary.

  • Appointments are scheduled based on individual temperaments & needs. This means appointment times and prices may vary.

  • Rescheduling

    • Rescheduling is possible with at least 48-hours notice (this helps others on the waiting list make plans!).

    • Appointments may need to be rescheduled due to inclement weather for obvious safety reasons.

  • Fees - No Shows, Access Issues & Cancellations

    • If I cannot access your pet when I arrive, a No Show Fee will be assessed equal to the amount of the service scheduled. This will need to be paid before any further appointments can be made.

    • There is a $35 No Show Fee return check fee.

    • a 50% cancellation fee may be enforced for any missed or cancellations made under the 24-hour notice grace period.

    • Cancellations on same day as the appointment will also be assessed equal to the amount of the appointment and needs to be paid before any further services are scheduled.

Grooming in Style

Talk about rolling in style... Your pet will be getting their makeovers in a Mercedes Sprinter 2500 stocked with state-of-the-art grooming features and environmentally-friendly engineering. This van is built to conserve energy and water, plus provide a comfortable environment, including:
  • Stainless steel grooming bath tub w/ Bathing Beauty Power Wash System that deep cleans skin and coat by powering the shampoo down to the skin.
  • Quiet, 26" Electric Grooming Table that lowers to the ground and back up with ease not to scare dogs.
  • Quality audio speakers for Zen vibes.
  • Special Assistance Grooming Arm allowing me to offer hammock & hip support for special-needs pets.
  • Inverter system w/ battery so no propane tanks or a gas generators to worry about.
  • Variable speed, high-velocity dryer w/ adjustable air speed & temperatures so I control the air flow, which is important for different skin types and pets scared of the dryer.
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