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A boutique experience
for cats & dogs
(up to 45 lbs)


Each client has their own grooming needs and preferences, which is why our first appointment together includes discussing the best care regimen and style preferences for your dog or cat's skin and coat. 


Every appointment is customized, and here are a few things worth knowing...

All full-grooming appointments include:

  • Two complete washes with premium products and a tearless facial shampoo all formulated for your pet’s coat and skin needs

  • Premium conditioning and de-shed* treatments, as needed

  • Blow dry and brush out by hand

  • Nail trimming (and file to round out edges, if tolerated)

  • Ear cleaning and excess hair trimmed

  • Sanitary and paw pad trim

  • Scissor-finished tidy trim or full haircut, as requested

*De-shedding is included with any service; and reduces shedding by up to 60-80%.​

Since appointments are customized, please know prices can vary. The following will give you a sense of what to expect.

Add-On Services
Teeth Brushing 
Nose & Paw Recovery Balm & Paw Soak
(for swollen, itchy, stinky feet) 

Soft Paw Application  

Nail Trim/File Only   
Flea Bath w/ non-toxic products 
Cat nails clipped. Shutterstock. expires June 31. 2022 .jpeg
... $10


... starting at $30

... $40    
shutter stock___.jpg

can't wait to spoil your pet!

Hand Stripping & De-Matting
Hand stripping process of pulling the top coat on certain breeds to maintain the proper texture and color of the coat to the breed standard. This is primarily a service for terriers and sporting breeds.
Hand stripping can not be done to most previously clippered and some altered pets.
Jack Russel. shutterstock_1024509976.jpeg
Hand Stripping

De-Matting (fee is on top of regular grooming charges and anything over 15 minutes is likely to require a short cut for the comfort and safety of your pet) 

... $120/hr

... $2/min max 15 min

Request a Quote

Just email me by clicking on the button above ... and tell me a few things about your pet:


Include your pet's breed, weight, date of last grooming appointment.

Attach a recent photo. 


With this info I'll send you back an estimate.

Healthy coats, skin, and the environment are important to me. That is why I only use top-of-the-line, all natural and ecologically-friendly shampoos and conditioners. Iv San Bernard products are an exclusive line of fine Italian spa products with a focus on the skin, hair, and health needs of each individual pet. 

Optimal skin and coat care is at the heart of quality grooming and a priority to me. With healthy skin and a clean coat, I am able to style clients to look and feel their best!

I am happy to include any doctor-prescribed treatments. Please be sure to include in your profile information and during our first appointment.
Bathing, Styling & Brushing Services
Bath & Brush Services 

Bath & Tidy Services 

Full Grooming Services 

Cat Grooming Services
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... starting at $90

... starting at $105

... starting at $120

starting at $130
The minimum service fee: $90. 
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